5 Social Networks Safety Tips For Users Of Today

Social Networks today act as a major catalyst for both people and companies to spin off what we termed ‘social’ into a larger perspective. Each passing day social networks subscribers grow in millions. And companies of all sizes capitalized on this phenomena. Individuals as well as business owners possibly have an account/accounts in one or all of all networking sites. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter enjoy most of the majority subscriptions. These 3 giant social networks varied in styles and features. A basic strategy to gather more fan base supports. And despite the struggle of these social platforms to give users best experience, one issue still remains in question. The imminent danger pose by ” privacy issues”. Of course there are updates and patches to address this concern.Yet, the number of applications integrated on these platforms multiplies. And the incorporation of Web 2.0 technology increases by leap and bounce. The security of personal data will always be at risk!

Remember, there are so many hackers on the loose in the internet. Yes, anti-viruses, protection walls, spam blockers are already put in placed. But code loopholes still persist. You need to be extra aware of this little things.

Facebook  now allows developers a tighter integration with Facebook’s Timeline. As I had said, this move can definitely increase the level of user’s  experience. In addition, it makes the codes get more complicated. Thus, the security vulnerability exposure also increases.

While Google on the other side, incorporated Google+ into search results. Google is pushing hard its social platform to get to main stream of social networks competition. Again, high overhead programming codes were involved. And again, the effect of these updates may cause unnoticed vulnerability to user’s private data.

We post tons of intimate details about our lives. We normally wouldn’t share these with anyone. We presume our privacy settings are already set. And conclusive that we are safe. My dear friends, “you’re dead wrong”. So what must we do? Here are some easy to follow steps:

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5 Social Networks Safety Tips To Avoid Data Theft

1. Don’t write your true birth date

Writing down false birth date won’t reject your subscription to these social networks! I honestly believe that you’re closest friends does know your exact birth date. So, I guess there’s no need to publicize this valuable data. And in case a necessity arises, tell them the reason why you deliberately misrepresented your birth date. This could happen if you use social networks as communication channel in transacting a business. This will ensure the safety of your personal information from the hands of identity thieves.

2. Don’t tell your exact location

Geo-tagging is readily available to most social networks. Do not click this feature simply informing your friend that you’re out on a beach escapade. This give thrill hunters an opportunity to track you down. Telling burglars that you’re in sunny beach enjoying the warm weather of the day leaving your house unattended is certainly a disastrous idea.

Why not just post after you gone home. And it may be worthwhile to converse with your friends then all your weekend extravaganza.

3. Don’t tell your current relationship status

Why there’s a need to hide it? You don’t give credit card hackers your valuable personal information at will. And this also  protect your from internet stalkers. Changing from one status to another might signal to stalkers an invitation. From married to single give stalkers an impression that you’re on a hunt for new relationship. They might track you down. If you could leave it blank, just leave it blank.

4. Pictures of YOU and Family with full name tagging

This simply gives predators valuable information about and your family. It poses danger especially if you belong to “alta de sociedad” family. With these gesture your feeding criminal minded personal identification. Identification that can be used to lure a member of your family most especially children.

5. Don’t tell that you’re living alone

This is especially true for women. Never, never disclose into post that you’re alone. Don’t be fooled into the idea that only your friends have access to read it. There are no 100% percent bullet proof codes.


The best rule of thumb. Don’t disclose sensitive information in your profile. Share only what is shareable with your personal profile. Always bear this in your mind. True, you have the strictest privacy setting set. While your friend accounts get compromised.Your strict privacy setting simply makes no sense !!!





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